Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rivalry? It Should Be

I am now the proud owner of Redskins season tickets. Yep five years on that vaunted waiting list and they finally came through this year. My first experience was at last week's storm shortened Redskins-Ravens pre-season game. Being a Redskin fan in Baltimore is a bewildering experience to say the least. Its true that most Redskin fans don't really consider the Ravens a rival, if they ever consider them at all. Well until you move to Baltimore.

The first day I ever wore Redskins gear out in public in Charm City I experienced the legendary Baltimore inferiority complex (BIC). I walked into a local Hampden watering hole wearing a Skins T-shirt and the bartender said "You're in enemy territory!" I replied, "am I in Dallas?" It is so annoying and this attitude is everywhere you turn in the Baltimore region. Now, I wear Redskins gear as much as possible just to irk Ravens fans and tickle that inferiority complex.

So is there a rivalry? No not really, but there should be. The Redskins and Ravens should play a yearly regular season game. Its a natural geographic rivalry, with bad blood simmering on one side and just below the surface on the other. Will it replace Redskins-Cowboys or Ravens Steelers? No, and it won't unless both teams meet in a few Super Bowls. However, the NFL should schedule a standing home and home regular season game each year to stoke the flames. Seriously, and I think Ravens fans would agree, that giving up one game a year games against a non-conference opponent that you only see once every four years anyway to invigorate a natural rivalry is worth it

Now for my part to stoke the flames of a rivalry:
Look I love Baltimore, its a great town, but seriously Baltimore sports fans, get over your own myopia. Right now, you have a better team, a better owner and superior front office. The one thing you do not have on the Redskins is a better coach. So what's your problem?

Hail to the Redskins!


DJR said...

Being a Redskin fan and living in Hampden myself, it is funny to see the reaction when sporting my Redskins gear. If you ever want to be around Skins fans, the Sly Fox Pub on Fort Ave is a great place to watch the games.

Anyway, I truly enjoy your blogs, keep up the good work. And if you ever need to off load tickets, let me know, haha.

- Dan

Mark Newgent said...


I am in Wyman Park,just down the street. I will have to remember the Sly Fox for away games.