Monday, April 14, 2008

Examine This

I will be blogging for the Baltimore Examiner about historical matters as its "History Examiner."
This is part of the's redesign. There are bound to be kinks with the site so bear with us. Feel free to leave comments, pro and con and please subscribe to the RSS feed.

There I will add historical perspective to current events, local Maryland history, and well anything that pops into my head. You can send any ideas you have to me at



Americaneocon said...

Good luck on the new History Examiner!!

The Reticulator said...

Ah, so you have a history blog, too! Very good. I think I will link to yours at The Spokesrider

The Reticulator said...

Mark, You haven't posted here for a while. You're doing such a nice job with the History Examiner -- I imagine it takes a fair amount of your time. Will you still have time for The Main Adversary?

Daniel said...

Hello, Mark.

We just recently started receiving The Examiner here in Harford County along with the morning Sunpaper.

I read your article this morning.

Looks good.