Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why Not Russ?

John Riggins made an excellent point regarding the Redskins coaching search yesterday. Why not bring in Russ Grimm for an interview?
Grimm has many things going for him. First he is a former Redskin, and not just any former player, Grimm is an original Hog and in line for the Hall of Fame. Congrats to Darrell Green and Art Monk by the way.
Second, Grimm was an assistant on the Steelers '05 Super Bowl team, and even more impressive Grimm helped the Arizona Cardinals, let me say that again, the Arizona Cardinals reach .500 this past season.
Grimm has been a finalist for head coaching positions with the Bears and Steelers, so he is qualified for the Redskins job.
Interviewing, if not hiring Grimm would be a great move. Not only is he qualified for the job, Grimm is a players coach who could easily win over a locker room upset that Greg Williams did not get the job, and he would be a perfect fit to carry on the Gibbs legacy.

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