Monday, October 1, 2007

King Crapweasel

Last week I talked about the Unholy Alliance between the progressives and the Isalmo-fascists, and my esteemed colleague Greg Kline mentioned it in the latest Conservative Refuge podcast. Well leave it to the left to provide the ammunition with which to shoot them down.

King of the Crapweasels Keith Olbermann pulled a vintage stunt worthy of the old communist left smearing David Horowitz and the upcoming Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. Olbermann named Horowitz as his Sept. 28 Worst Person in the World for daring to hold a week of demonstrations highlighting the danger of Islamo-fascism. This is a big no-no because from Olbermann to George Soros to Move On, there is no islamo-fascist threat.
The impetus for Olbermann involved the poster advertising Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. The poster depicted the stoning of woman convicted of adultery. It was really a still shot from a Dutch film made by an Iranian director to raise awareness of the actual stoning of women by radical Islamic thugs. So by this sleight-of-hand trick, Olbermann has manufactured a "lie" by Horowitz, with which to discredit, via wilful deceit, a movement that is raising awareness of an enemy determined to kill us.
You see Olbermann fancies himself a modern-day Edward R. Murrow, seeking to punish contemporary versions of Joe McCarthy, which to Olbermann is anyone slightly to the right of Daily Kos. A quick history lesson is needed here to show the full irony of Olbermann's self-delusion of himself as Murrow and his attack on Horowitz
Edward R. Murrow took on McCarthy because he attacked Lawrence Duggan, the son of his mentor. Turns out McCarthy was right about Duggan. The Venona decrypts reveal that Duggan (codename Frank) passed sensitive State Dept. documents to the NKVD(later the KGB). Duggan's NKVD handler Boris Basarov said of Duggan's commitment to the Soviet cause, "The only thing which kept him at his hateful job in the State Department where he did not get out of his tuxedo for two weeks, every night attending a reception, was the idea of being useful for our cause." At least one man, Ignatz Reiss was murdered by the NKVD to protect Duggan's identity as Soviet spy. Funny that these inconvenient facts are not mentioned in George Clooney's Murrow hagiography Good Night and Good Luck, or that the Cold War was on, but I digress.
The irony of Olbermann is that he uses a textbook stunt of the communist movement Duggan committed himself to, to smear Horowitz. Would Edward R. Murrow approve?

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