Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Whitaker Chambers Farm Update

Last week the Maryland Department of the Environment approved the Carroll County master water and sewer plan. This plan includes the Union Mills Reservoir, which could threaten one of the buildings on the Whitaker Chambers farm, a historic landmark.

MDE approval is just one part of the approval process.

Mauricio Tamargo, founder of the Freedom and Historic Preservation Foundation continues to oppose the reservoir . He plans to fight Carroll county at the federal level.

Reservoir construction is a highly regulated process and takes decades to complete.

Donations may be sent to:

Freedom and Historic Preservation Foundation
P.O. Box 284
Burke VA 22009


John Gorentz said...

Interesting. Out here in Michigan people are tearing out reservoirs, not building them. The ideas is for fish and water to run free again. (In some cases it's a matter of destroying history for the sake of preserving history.)

transnational syndicate said...

There is some evidence that there existed another network besides the Communist network of Hiss-Chambers, in other words their operation was a subset of a larger subversion at elite levels.

(Hiss was after all President of the Carnegie Enndowment, a front for the Council on Forieng Relations, tied to Anglo-Dutch oil)

see the video testimony and comparre to industrial espionage also related at:

video -ANGELS IN AMERICA -Hiss, Dulles, and the CFR from
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