Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Lives of Others

Looks like the administration at the College of William and Mary is consulting with the Stasi on diversity issues. Hat tip to Stanly Kurtz at The Corner

W&M has instituted a new bias reporting process that allows students "who have been affected by incidents involving bias related to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or other protected conditions" to report the incident either openly or confidentially to the Bias Reporting Team.

What is truly disturbing is that this system sets up a series protocols for the Bias Reporting Team to secretly investigate so called instances of "bias" and keep the college president informed at all stages of the process.

Furthermore, "The Chair or a delegate from the Bias Reporting Team will be charged with maintaining a database of reported incidents. The Team will decide how that data is to be handled, who should have access, and to whom it should be reported."

Secret files, secret investigations, have the diversicrats gone so far off the deep end, that they have to take their totalitarian ideas to the point of emulating the practices a communist secret police organization. What's next, airbrushing photos!

To top it all off the Bias Reporting Team is charged with three main responsibilities one of which is to "To use whatever happens as a teachable moment." Somebody please send some copies of The Great Terror down to Williamsburg for this crew, it looks like that "teachable moment" has arrived far sooner than they expected.

Uh oh I hear a knock on my door.

John Derbyshire weighs in:

I hate the verminous parasites who staff these "diversity" rackets. I really hate the prissy, puritanical, puffed-up, self-admiring, totalitarian, thought-crushing, witch-hunting, nail-biting creeps.
Someone report me, please.

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The Reticulator said...

Does anyone besides me remember the days when witch-hunts were bad and Liberals were liberal?