Wednesday, November 7, 2007

About What I Expected

From the Baltimore City Board of Elections

Mary Pat Clarke 3,356
Mark Newgent 196

Yes it was an ass kicking. But one I was fully prepared for. I campaigned on lowering the property tax rate, expanding school choice options, and fostering community-academic partnerships that can address health and social problems better than ineffective city agencies.

At the end of the day in Baltimore, no matter how good your policy prescriptions or how well you articulate them, this is a Democratic town and will be for a long time to come until the systems of patronage and corruption are broken.

Even though I am no big fan of the Baltimore Sun, I have to give credit where credit is due and Sun reporter John Fritze deserves some. He is a straight shooter and was fair and honest with me.

This fight is over, but there is a special session on with massive tax/spending increases and a duplicitous governor and Democratic leadership to fight.


PAUL FOER said...

If only it were not for what you refer to as those "cosmopolitan progressives, whose arrogance is only eclipsed by their ignorance" you might have gotten more than six percent of the vote. I commend your for running for office and for speaking up for your beliefs. However, you exhibit so much of the extremist, hateful rehtoric and anger that has infiltrated so much of the political discourse these days that it detracts from your message and from the civil process.

Mark Newgent said...

Pot, kettle, black.

Like I said before, if you actually bothered to read what I wrote instead of engaging in back handed accusations of anti-semitism you would have understood that my "hateful rhetoric" was directed at those who felt the need to tear down my campaign signs. But honest engagement of what people acutally write and say does not appear to be a quality you possess.

John Gorentz said...


Thank you for being willing to run against all of that, and for not being willing to go away quietly. It's a service not only to voters in Baltimore for you to have done that, but to all of us who value democracy and limited government.

Bruce Godfrey said...

Mark, I don't share your politics but the credit goes to the man in the arena. Well done on fighting a tough fight.

Warren Monks the voice of WAMD said...

I posted this on OMW. I would like to offer it to the readers of 1. The Main Adversary
for feedback..

I like the concept that is being formulated by the above contributors. In my previous post I push the idea of “one seat at a time”. OMW has provided the link for everybody to know who needs to be on the hit list. This is the time to step up. Within each district, who has a elected official who voted against common sense and the will of people, we need to step up and organize the defeat of those delegates. mom and the gom’s (gang of mikes) are counting on the short memories of the people of Maryland to keep the whipping boy (girl) delegates in place. The gom’s may win their seats but if they do not have anybody to push around they are done. That is why the OMW score card is so important. When this special secession is done, copy it, print it, distribute it, send it in a email to everybody you know. The honest truth is, Dixon was elected mayor of Baltimore by 8% of the registered voters. After a year or two of Taxation Hell that the hard working Maryland tax payer is going to go thru, we should be able to muster a core of voters who will use the Constitutional guaranteed revolt process to depose those who ignore the will of the people. Call the talk shows, call your delegates, call your neighbors. The governor and his tax pimps think you are stupid people with short memories. A vote is a weapon only when it is cast. The only thing worse than a politician who lies to you is one who thinks you are to stupid to know that you have been lied two.

I for one am not stupid and I have a looooong memory. Now is the time for the Republican Party to step up, organize its members, weed out the RINO’s and target the seats that are vulnerable. People with integrity need to step up to be candidates. We can create a true balance of power in this state by taking one seat at a time. From the shores of Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean on the Eastern Shore. Your money is being syphoned off to go into Baltimore City, who elected a mayor on the basis of 8% of the registered voters. Are you mad yet. You should be. One seat at a time. The only way the state will have a voice in national politics is to create a balance of power in Annapolis. For moderate reasonably thinking Democrats, do you even recognize your party. Since when did the Democratic party morph into a full blown Socialist agenda. To be a card carrying Democrat must bring you shame. I have no sympathy for you . You don’t vote and have allowed your party to be taken over by Socialist who have put the need for Power over the good of the people.

To prove my point, look at the New Zealand model for proof that tax cuts and allowing the people to keep more of their earned money will bring prosperity and ultimately adequate tax revenue to fund social programs to aid those that truly need it. It’s not “rocket surgery”


More taxes stifle growth. More taxes foster resentment. Enough taxes kindle revolt.

The people of OMW, keep the pressure on. You are making a difference

Don’t forget “Shame On James” 34A we wont forget