Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"Disproportionately Benefits"

More brilliance from Andrew Kujan.
From his anger over the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee lowering O'Malley's income tax rate for the "rich:"

Mongomery [sic] already DISPROPORTIONATELY BENEFITS from government programs in Maryland? I suppose the wealth in Montgomery is just happenstance, and has little to do with well maintained infrastructure, quality public schools, etc.

Disproportionately benefits? Not so, according to Blair Lee:

Montgomery County is the home of 41 percent of Maryland’s families with incomes over $250,000, Montgomery will generate 81 percent of the new state revenues. That’s right, Montgomery County — with 16.5 percent of the state’s population — will pay 81 percent of the state’s $163 million income tax increase. Baltimore city and Prince George’s County taxpayers will actually pay less than they’re currently paying…

In this year’s legislative session, Montgomery asked for $40.5 million for community college projects. We got $1.2 million. We requested $65 million for a new courthouse and got nothing. We got $52 million for school construction but so did Baltimore city with 40 percent fewer students. And once again we didn’t get the $30 million of Thornton school aid we bargained for back in 2002 because, somehow, our money was made discretionary instead of mandatory. So, with 17 percent of the state’s school kids, we get 8.6 percent of the Thornton money. Thanks to Thornton, Baltimore now spends more per pupil than Montgomery yet Baltimore taxpayers pay only 19 percent of the city’s school budget while Montgomery taxpayers pay 80 percent of theirs. All in the name of fairness.

How Kujan can say that MoCo disproportionately benefits while simultaneously footing most of the bill for the rest of the state and getting less in return for their “investments” is beyond me. Then again he has a tin ear for economic facts.

Lost in his ranting about the “rich” Kujan fails to realize that a great deal of working families will get hosed by the income tax increase. Married couples with children that earn $200K or more are considered “rich” even though they are working families. For example, my wife and I, together, earn just enough, to fall into that new tax bracket, and we have one child. After paying a mortgage on a modest row home, day care, two car payments (we both need them to get to work), rising gas prices, school loans, rising BGE rates, groceries and other essentials etc… what is left over at the end of the month doesn’t really qualify us as “rich.” If we were “rich,” we wouldn’t, you know, need to work.

Ironically, we own the same Volvo SUV as Bonnie and Halsey Frost, but not the additional Chevy Suburban and Ford F-250 they also own. So, is my family a “working family” or are the Frost’s “rich.”

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warren monks the voice of WAMD said...

A lot of people are talking about removing martin o’malley from office. Unless I am wrong, the only process we have is impeachment. As it has been stated on before, the governor can not be impeached over this tax issue. He may be morally corrupt because he has lied to the people of Maryland about everything from saving the Memorial Wall on 33rd street to BGE and this current tax grab. That in itself is not an impeach able offence. We may hate it. We may campaign against everyone who supports the tax grab. We can shut down the phone system of every legislator who my think, or dream about, supporting the o’malley tax grab. All of that is good. All of that is legal. All of that is within our Constitutional Rights as citizens of The United States of America and the State Of Maryland. What will legally wind up being the downfall and impeachment of martin o’malley ( and yes I did not capitalize the name out of the utmost disrespect) is his allowing Illegal Immigrants to enter Maryland as a safe haven. If anybody saw the report on Lou Dobbs this evening about the southern border States pushing a “0" tolerance on boarder crashing, you know that the citizens of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are pissed about the invasion from the south of illegal Immigrants. The State of Maryland gives CASE de Maryland millions of dollars to assist Illegal’s who come to this state and suck untold millions of dollars of o’malley mandated assistance from government agencies. has a lot of great people who log on and watch what is going on. We need State of Maryland employees who will come forward on WBAL, WCBM, the Ed Norris Show (I am not sure what station he is on) WAMD and any other station in the State that is coming out hard and strong against the tax grab and the survival of the State Of Maryland. We need undisputed evidence and testimony that will implement the Governor and any body who is complicent in breaking Federal and State Laws by inabiling Illegal Immigrants to stay, work and suck up tax dollars from hard working citizens of this state.

The Illegal Immigrant stance of martin o’malley is his Achilles heel. That is what will get him impeached. Failure to uphold existing laws will tie up his administration so “Tax Grabbing” will be so far back on his agenda that even mike miller may sober up.

Fight the Tax Grab. Lets keep doing everything we can to derail this train. Change will come by defeating those who support this Tax Grab one seat at a time. Vote when you can. A vote is only a weapon when it is cast.

BUT, if you want to get o’malley out of office, find, exploit, and legally pursue his snubbing of the law. If we want to continue in a State where 12% of the registered voters of Baltimore City can elect a Mayor( wrap your mind around that, Dixon won over 80% of 12% of the registered voters of Baltimore City). 88% of the voters of Baltimore City did not even make an effort to go to the poles. It’s not much better around the State. o’malley can lie to you from now to 2014 and we can’t do a thing about it but vote against him. Once we have proof that he has broken the law by making Maryland a safe haven for Illegal Immigrants, legally he is burnt meat.

Continue to call your localy elected officials. Scream, yell. Email and verbally assault your elected officials if they fail to listen to there Constituents. It’s all good. Illegal Immigration is omalleys chink in his armor.

Do we have the guts to exploit it?

One last thing, since I am a Harford County resident and I can’t add to without adding this. “Shame On James” for not having the guts to stand up to blackmail and the bulling tactics of the omalley machine. “Shame on James” District 34A Harford and Cecil County. 2010 is not that far off. When omalley is impeached and can not protect you, the constituents of district 34a will remember you. I won’t let them forget

Warren Monks, The Voice Of WAMD