Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Fake Hate Crimes at GW

We all remember the leftists who posted fraudulent fliers designed to smear the YAF and Islamo-Fascism Awareness week at GW. Well it looks like faking hate crimes is a majored field of study at the school named in honor of General Washington. The student journalist, who originally reported swastikas on a dry erase board outside her room, was caught on tape writing swastikas on said dry erase board. The student, Sarah Marshak mounted the usual "fake but justified" argument Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

Faking hate crimes isn't limited to GW. In March 2004, Claremont McKenna visiting professor Kerri Dunn spoke at a rally against racial intolerance and then vandalized her own car to "prove" her point.

These stunts in and of themselves show the intellectual bankruptcy of the campus left and are silly on their face. However, couple this penchant for fraudulent hate crimes--some intended to frame conservatives-- with totalitarian diversity indoctrination programs ( U. Delaware's program that tell students that all white people are racists) and the Stasi like secret investigations embodied in William and Mary's so-called bias reporting system, you have a recipe for disaster.

Need we be reminded of the faculty idealouges and callow administration at Duke who conspired to sacrifice three innocent student athletes on the altar political correctness.

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