Thursday, September 20, 2007

"And Gosh Darn It People Like Me"

One of the joys of blogging is receiving thoughtful comments and emails, even if readers disagree with me. Fortunately, I get kind words from most people who comment.

Here are two such examples. I note them becuase they are fellow bloggers, not here in Maryland, but in other parts of the country.

Usually when I blog about Ron Paul, I get spittle-flecked comments from his supporters. so I was suprised to see that John Gorentz who runs a blog The Reticulator out of Battle Creek Michigan linked to, and gave a positive review of my critique of Paul's foreign policy. He describes his life story in reverse chronological order, “His days ended in one of Hillary’s internment camps.” Thanks John, lets hope we can stand athwart history.

Donald Douglas sent me a nice comment about my post-mortem on the Duke nonRape Case.
Douglas is a "pro-victory Associate Professor of Political Science teaching in Long Beach, California." I love the United States of America, and I fully support current U.S. military operations around the world. I despise the hard-left radical agenda and discourse. " He operates the blog Burkean Reflections.

Bravo Donald, you are indeed a rare species in academia.

I highly recommend his post about the true nature of the leaders of the anti-war movement.

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