Monday, September 10, 2007

Week 1: Redskins 16, Dolphins 13

Now that I know some of my readers in here in Ravensville are fellow fans of the Burgundy and Gold, herewith is the first of my weekly game analysis of the 2007 Redskins.

Jason Campbell's 2007 debut was inconsistent. He showed flashes of his potential, and showed us that he still has a ways to go yet. However, I am amazed by his composure, especially after throwing a pick on his first pass attempt. Campbell has the work ethic and composure, all the intangibles you look for in a quarterback. Given time, he is going to be very very good. Although, his performance was inconsistent (12-22, 222 yards, 2 int) he made plays when he had to, the two deep balls to Randle-El and a key scramble for a first down to keep a scoring drive alive. Campbell and Randle El seem to be developing into a good combo. I only hope Moss gets into the act as well.

The running game finally made an appearance and was the difference in the game. 98 yards and a score for Portis, not bad for missing the entire pre-season. Ladell Betts added 59 yards.
400 total yards of offense, not bad.

The defense was solid giving up only 66 yards on the ground . The Dolphins picked on Fred Smoot in the flat and short passes to their backs exposed what could be the unit's weakness. We will see against the Eagles and Brian Westbrook, who use the short pass in lieu of the run.

It was an ugly grind it out victory. Stout defense and a bull dozing running game. Despite Dan Snyder's purchase of explosive offensive talent over the last three years, this is the essential character of the Redskins right now. It is also a good formula for making the playoffs.

Week 1 Grades:
Offense: C
Defense B+
Special Team B+

Also, I keep hearing rumors about the Redskins moving back to DC. If anyone has anything solid on this I would appreciate it if you could send it to me.

Go Skins!

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Brian Griffiths said...

Seriously....they beat Miami. I understand that at that end of the parkway 1-0 is a reason to throw a parade, but I'm not gonna say they are better unless they play well against Philly next week.