Friday, September 7, 2007

Post-Mortem on the Duke non-Rape Case

CUNY/Brooklyn College professor KC Johnson, who so thoroughly documented the travesty that was the Duke non-Rape Case at his indispensable blog Durham in Wonderland, has had his new book on the case, Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, released.

Johnson and his co-author Stuart Taylor have a great op/ed piece in today's Washington Post.
The malfeasance of Mike Nifong is well known and documented. However, Johnson's chronicle of the perverse actions of Duke's radical faculty is just as important.
Johnson and Taylor write:
But the case was also a major cultural event exposing habits of mind among academics and journalists that contradict what should be their lodestar: the pursuit of truth. Nifong's lies, his inflaming of racial hatred (to win the black vote in his election campaign) and his targeting of innocent people were hardly representative of criminal prosecutors. But the smearing of the lacrosse players as racist, sexist, thuggish louts by many was all too representative. Dozens of the activist professors who dominate campus discourse gleefully stereotyped and vilified their own students -- and not one member of Duke's undergraduate faculty publicly dissented for months. Duke President Richard Brodhead repeatedly and misleadingly denigrated the players' characters. He also acted as though he had no problem with Nifong's violations of their rights to due process.

Johnson is no stranger to these tenured radicals. Johnson ran afoul of their brethren at Brooklyn College for the transgression of demanding academic freedom for and academic rigor for Brooklyn College students, and dissenting from their radical totalitarian groupthink.

The Duke case is the most visible reminder of the intellectual rot that poses as scholarship on our college campuses. There are many other less publicized cases of tenured radicals stomping on the rights of students who dare to think for themselves or dissent from their ideological worldview.

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